A young, agile and fast-growing generation of IT service providers is emerging in Uganda. We enable European companies to access the market and ensure fair business conditions.

Your opportunity to benefit from the rapidly growing IT expertise in Uganda...

  • Uganda has a young, ambitious and fast growing IT industry
  • The local market for IT services is very small
  • Therefore, IT companies in Uganda are very interested in cooperation with German companies
  • English is spoken in Uganda in a very understandable way
  • The time difference to Europe is minimal
  • The daily rates are attractive in international comparison

... while tailoring the collaboration to your specific company requirements.

As an early adopter, you can tailor your collaboration with IT companies in Uganda to best fit your company’s specific needs.

Yimuka's business leaders are making the leadership of these IT partnerships their top priority.

  • We act as a local contact for our German IT customers
  • We ensure clear transparency and pro-active communication
  • We invest time and resources in the development of IT service providers in Uganda
  • Yimuka GmbH is your local contractual partner

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