Elephant Group

Kidodo Elephant group is an independent, community-based organization for youth living within 1-10km of Queen Elizabeth national park. The group was formed in October 2021 out of the desire to support, empower and bring hope to the youth and children around the national park.  All these vulnerable youth do not have any perspective of the future, resulting in being victims of sexual exploitation and abuse, torture, forced prostitution and deprivation of human rights. 

Kidodo Elephant group plans to empower 3 tailors who will be making clothes and others 3 young girls will be selling readymade clothes on mobile markets and house to house this will help our business to be continuous. Young girls will be involved in designing while others in the marketing. 

In addition, the group plans to empowering 5 members male and female in the operation of popcorn frying business.

Ort: Close to Queen Elizabeth National Park

Partner: CCP

Start date: 20.03.2022

Job potential: 5

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