First 50 Entrepreneurs in Uganda supported with Yimuka Loans!

The strong YIMUKA partnerships with Ugandan organizations Focus Youth Forum(FYF) , Action for Climate Change and Environmental Conservation – ACCEC, Refugees Global, The Africa Church Rescue Missions (TACREM) Limited, Lango Joint Farmers Association, Gufasha Girl Child Foundation, Children Conservationists Programme (CCP), All Nations Uganda, and KCCC are generating great results: The first 50 indidual and group entrepreneurs received the Yimuka Loan for the growth of their business.

Daniel Walk, Yimuka Co-Founder, highlights that „this rapid growth was only possible due to the great work, our local partners do in Uganda. Through their work, un-countable people in Uganda are impacted. Among many other activities they provide education and practical training in a variety of areas. Their passion and deep connection to the people is allowing them to make solid recommendations of entrepreneurs and types of businesses to us. We do a second review and provide the loan capital to grow their business.”

One great example of how much the Yimuka loans are helping entrepreneurs grow their income is Natasha´s bar business. Natasha is guided by Focus Youth Forum(FYF) Forum, the first Yimuka partner in Uganda. She has increased the monthly income from her business by amount lent to her. “We can only congratulate Natasha on her outstanding business performance. We saw her potential and are proud how well she is growing her business” says Bernard Keikara Mugume, Executive Director of Focus Youth Forum.

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