First honey container arrives in Germany

The financial stability of a country and its ability to invest in its domestic development projects are linked to its global trade balance. A negative trade balance over a longer period is limiting capital available to invest in the future of the country.

Uganda´s trade deficit peaks at -4.5 billion in 2021 (source: https://countryeconomy.com/trade/balance/uganda).

Our first Yimuka honey shipment contributes to reverse this concerning trend. Yimuka is committed to increase income for Ugandans. Our first 9 tons honey shipment to Germany drives additional income for over 80 beekeepers in Uganda. Yimuka Co-Founder Klaus Maak points out “We are excited about our first honey container reaching Germany. This Yimuka export shipment is our first step in supporting Uganda´s efforts of reducing the trade deficit. Many more steps will follow. “

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