-To have a sustainable world for future generations that’s both socially and economically empowered!

-To create a generation of self-sustaining youth through creation of employment opportunities, discovering new knowledge, through implementing sustainable programs that enhance now and  future generations

VALUES: FYF Core Values

  • Mutual respect; and the value of diversity
  • Honesty and Transparency; being accountable to all levels (No Corruption)
  • Solidarity; with all people of Republic of Uganda
  • Perseverance and Commitment; to achieve set goals.
  • Partnership and Cooperation; to work collaboratively with all Ugandans and Internationals.


The organization was established;

  • To offer capacity building through mindset, mentoring, guidance & counseling, financial literacy training to the youth, communities countrywide and the rest of the world.
  • To implement and promote entrepreneurship skills through investing in innovative ideas, startups, talents in different sectors of economy to solve unemployment and poverty.
  • To encourage and empower youth to take on and engage in agricultural sector as a core enterprise for development.
  • To take up projects with government, private sector and Non-government organizations that is beneficial to the youth, communities, and the rest of the country.
  • To promote saving culture amongst the members of the organization and the rest of the community through starting up regular saving groups, Savings Credit Cooperatives (SACCOs) and self-help groups where people can access cheap and revolving funds that can capitalize their business ideas to scale up.

Our achievements! Successes of FYF

FYF successful managed to conduct weekly Saturdays fellowships until now without any funding but by the willingness of members to learn, share, network with others successful mentors to widen their knowledge, kick start some ventures. We have managed to get more members with vision who has fully participated in the activities of the organization since 2016.

Executive Director being recognized by H.E Patricia Scotland(QC), Secretary General Common Wealth for the great job done towards engaging youth in job creation in 2017 during common wealth conference.

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