Hope through Community initiatives was founded in 2017 and is built on a desire to support transformation of the disadvantaged groups on positive transformation in social, economic and reproductive health issues and rights to enable peaceful and productive co-existence resulting in a healthy, productive and sustainable communities.

HCI is a voluntary not for profit Non-governmental organization that prioritizes the well being of disadvantaged communities, through mind transformational practical approaches. With community based structures of volunteers, the entire youth fraternity, schools, health workers, Opinion leaders and civil society organizations.

Vision: Transform minds and impart values for generations

Mission: To engage with all stakeholders to change minds, through practical approaches for productive health and sustainable living.

Core Values

  1. Social accountability
  2. Transparency
  3. Integrity and quality
  4. Strategic partnerships
  5. Practical approaches
  6. Targeted interventions

Overall Objectives

  • To provide a platform for stake holders and actors to share and provide technical, material and emotional support to disadvantaged communities through engaging in practical and community based initiatives for addressing grass root challenges.
  • To provide and be a channel of research, planning, delivery, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of issues, concerns and challenges influencing disadvantaged communities, within peri- urban, urban and rural communities.
  • To arrange, organize and cause the arrangement and organization of conferences and workshops for capacity building, experience sharing and learning expos on all subject matter relating to disadvantaged communities, their challenges, conditions, situations and factors affecting them as a whole.

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