Jovlet buys clarified butter from wholesalers and fills the clarified butter into cans of different sizes. She plans to open a store.

Ort: Kampala

Partner: Focus Youth Forum

Start date: 15.02.2022

Job potential: 1

8 thoughts on “Jovlet”

  1. Well done Jovlet and you have the best ghee in town, thank you Yimuka for supporting her business.

  2. Tushabe Aireen Muzaire

    Jovlet sells ghee in different ways, the raw ghee which is parked in different kilogrammes and it will be better if she opens up a shop in Kampala and we shop from thr thanks.


    Ankole butter / ghee is generally good & promising buzness after along time of no job but it has helped me put food for my family on the table .
    I pray to God it grows big I see my self helping many who are in Avery need situations.

  4. Nuwagaba Ronald

    Your ghee is better than i used to eat why? 1. Its well packed. 2. Is of good quality. 3. It has a good shabwe and a clear white colour. My advice is that make sure you expand your business. Thank you.

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