Kimuli Fashionability

Juliet grew up in poverty as an orphan with my single grandmother in a remote and rural Village in Uganda due to the victimization of disability caused to my family. Her Grandmother was a tailor and inspired her as a child to use cut-offs and plastic waste. She would gather from the streets, to produce hre own dolls because she could not afford buying me toys. What others threw away, Juliet started to use as available resources. To create something. This changed her mind-set towards waste and she started to see the value in protecting the environment. At the age of 20 she and her team we founded Kimuli Fashionability as a sustainable fashion brand to fight for the conservation of the environment and inclusion of persons with disabilities. They use plastic waste materials to produce fashion and accessories, which are hand made by their tailors with disabilities, whom they train and employ to creatively upcycle plastic waste into fashion for beautiful products with a purpose for awareness about the under-looked global plastic waste crisis. Waste is only waste if you waste it.

Location: Kampala
Start: March 25, 2022
Job potential: 10


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