Qualified as pharmacy attendant, Margaret operates a grade D drug shop serving her entire neighbourhood. Her business is based on dispensing drugs over the counter (OTC) principle as she does not run diagnosis and full treatment management of patients. Within her locality, there is o public health service provider, making her services crucial for every member of her community. Maggie’s efforts to ensure sufficient stocks in terms of quality and variety have always been frustrated by her limited capital and limited access to financial support. With the loan from vocational school Pinneberg, Germany (organized by Yimuka), Maggie is able to up her stock levels, making her business bale to sustain her livelihood as well as providing the essential health services in the area.

Location: Kitegomba
Partner: Refugees Global 
Loan Partner: Vocational School Pinneberg, Germany
Start: Nov 1, 2022 
Job potential: 1

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