Reach a Hand Uganda was found by Humphrey Nabimanya in 2010. It is a youth-centered organization focusing on youth empowerment programs with an emphasis on Livelihoods & Skills Development, Social Behavior Change Communication, Sexual Reproductive Health & Rights, climate change and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention

For over 10 years, RAHU in all its efforts has worked to better the lives of all young people in Uganda, by providing access to accurate SRHR information. This is to enable them live healthy, productive, and fulfilled lives.

The list of accomplishments of Reach a Hand Uganda and the impact to the youth in Uganda simply is amazing. A few highlights:

About 18,000 young Ugandans have participated in the peer learning sessions

Further young Ugandans were reached through about 12,500 community outreaches and about 3,500 school outreaches

Almost 1,000 peer educators have been trained

More than 10 million people have been reached through social media

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