Uganda School Kitchen Transformation

Cyrus Mukwana from Refugees Global has the vision of transforming school kitchens in Uganda from using firewood using bio-briquettes.

This transformation will significantly reduce the daily cutting of trees for cooking meals. Currently, about 20,000 trees are cut each day for cooking in Uganda.

On our 4th trip to Uganda last month, we had the opportunity to visit the first transformed schools and talk to the school leaders and cooks in person. The school leaders confirmed that the shift to bio-briquettes is saving the school money and the cooks were so thankful for a smoke-free work environment.

Yimuka is honored to support Cyrus’ vision through loan financing. The transformation fits very well to the Yimuka Sustainability DNA: Good for people, good for the environment and financially profitable.

Last week, the school kitchen transformation to bio-briquettes was in the Uganda national news: https://lnkd.in/e9y9C97G.

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