Zebra Group

Zebra group – a legally registered community-based association is starting a beekeeping business with 10 beehives.

The project seeks to address the following community needs:

– Unemployment
– Conservation of Semiliki national park 
– Women empowerment
– Financial literacy 
– Gender based violence 
– Youth empowerment 

The above issues influenced the younger members of the association to commence Bee Keeping as one of the mitigating enterprises given its nature of low costs of maintenance, supervision and environmentally friendly. This venture, therefore, will give chance to the neighboring community to promote the conservation of Semiliki national park by limiting poaching in the park, maintaining more trees, grass and flowers in the local community. Bundibugyo being in the tropics and covered with cocoa, the association can tap and maximize profits from Bee Keeping project.    

Location: Sara Kihombya, 3km away from Semiliki National Park

Partner: CCP

Start date: 20.03.2022

Job potential: 5

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