“I had my own motivation. I just liked bee keeping right way back in around 2000. I used to use traditional hives and I was the only person in this area who kept bees. So, for me bee keeping is in my blood.”

My Life as Beekeeper

Who belongs to your family / who is living with you?

My name is Adharaman Adroa.  I stay alone in my house here, but I have children who have settled nearby there. So, all this is still an extension of the family.

How has beekeeping changed your life?

It has not changed my life so much, but I have benefited from it. Because when I harvest, I get money to obtain basic necessities. When I got these hives on loan, I have been using some of the money to pay the loan. To change your life here, you need a lot of money. I think we may not get all that from selling honey alone.

How do you provide a good environment for your bees?

You can see there, my place there is clean. I cut down the grass, and if the hive is not colonized, I have to clean it so that it colonizes.

What do trees mean to you and how can they be protected?

Trees…? Yes, trees are useful. For example, it brings us rain. And when you have strong winds, trees can also stop them. Shade during hot days…..you know our place is very hot during dry season. That is how they are useful to us.

 Protecting them is sometimes a struggle. People want to cut them for firewood or making charcoal. When you are around, you stop them. But others sneak when you are away and they cut them.

What is the most important thing in your life?

The most important thing in my life is to be social. When you are a social person, you gain greatly.

What are your biggest challenges and how do you plan to overcome them?

Challenges……well I don’t have serious challenges in my home. But for bee keeping, people disturb. They sometimes steal your hives…especially the local ones. They can carry the whole hive and harvest….it is very bad. Of course we need money but if it is hard coming by, you contend with what you have.

What do you like to do in your free time?

During my free time I don’t do much. I try to rest. OK, sometimes I make hoe handles…because I don’t have time to spend at the trading Centre etc.

Which place would you like to see once?

I am not thinking about going to any other place. But if the opportunity is there, I can go….I can go anywhere.

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