“This started as a UN group project. The members started by laying bricks. But then it graduated to beekeeping. It is now over 10 years. That is how we started. But you would see there is money in honey.”

The Life as Beekeeper

Who belongs to your family / who is living with you?

My name is Atiku Bran. I am married with children. We are 10 people in my family.

How has beekeeping changed your life?

There is money in beekeeping. When we get the money, we use it for different things. It can support the family and help in acquiring many things.

How do you provide a good environment for your bees?

All we do is clear around and that is it. The rest the bees sort themselves out because there are trees around. We don’t feed them on special diet.

What do trees mean to you and how can they be protected?

Trees are very useful. That is why these are protected. As you can see here, these are not cut because we don’t want them to be cut. Trees have a lot of uses.

What is the most important thing in your life?

The most important thing in my life is hard work and how to get wealth. Unfortunately, here we mostly depend on farming. Here, if you don’t work hard, you don’t eat.

What are your biggest challenges and how do you plan to overcome them?

The biggest challenge we have here is poverty. To overcome this challenge we now have to work hard to get money. Now I have to work hard to overcome those challenges. It is stressing, but I have to overcome it.

What do you like to do in your free time?

When I get free time, I simply take a rest, after work

Which place would you like to see once?

Going places needs money but I don’t have that money. Money makes everything possible. However, if the opportunity is given, I would want to go to a place with money. Whichever place it is.

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