“I love honey. I have started beekeeping as a hobby to get some honey for my own consumption.”

My Life as Beekeeper

Who belongs to your family and who is living with you?

I am living at my uncle’s house.

How has beekeeping changed your life?

I have realized I can buy many things if I expand beekeeping. These include basic needs at home. I now have 10 traditional beehives.

How do you provide a good environment for your bees?

I plant bee foraging plants like coffee, calliandra, maize and trees. 

To protect my bees, I clean the area around the beehives by slashing it. I also provide water for the bees.

What do trees mean to you and how can they be protected?

Trees support my bees in many ways. They give forage for the bees and the provide shade to them. The trees also influence the amount of rain we have. I don’t cut my trees.

What is the most important thing in your life?

I hope I can afford once buying a car.

What are your biggest challenges and how do you plan to overcome them?

My primary challenge are pests. 

I plan to eliminate them by putting hives on metallic stands and oil them. Another challenge is not having proper harvesting equipment. I plan to buy bee suits and smoker when I have money for it.

What do like to do in your free time?

What I enjoy the most is watching movies.

Which place would you like to see once?

My biggest dream is vising the United States.

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