Briquette Production Record at WEYE clean energy CO. Ltd

Congratulations! In July, the Weye team generated 29 tons of briquettes – an all-time record. 

The briquettes are mainly sold to institutional customers.

Weye has a passion for renewable energy. Their briquettes and stoves provide a cost-saving and environmentally friendly alternative to cooking with charcoal and firewood.

More than 70% of the cooking in Uganda is done with charcoal and firewood. The daily consumption of charcoal for cooking is about 5.000 tons. This equates to about 20.000 trees cut and burned every day just for cooking.

Weye founder & Executive Director, Kakembo Galabuzi Brian, PMP: „Congratulations to my team! They worked inredibly hard to generate almost 30 tons of briquettes in one month. I am very excited about more and more customers turning away from using charcoal and firewood for cooking. Instead, they use our eco-briquettes made from renewable husk.“  

The agri husk used for the briquettes is renewable within 6 months while it takes at least 10 years for a tree to grow.

“It is incredible how fast Brian and the team were able to convert the additional production capacity financed by our YIMUKA loan into more production output and more sales. Every additional ton of briquettes counts!” adds Yimuka Co-Founder Daniel Walk.

Besides saving money and protecting trees, briquettes also protect the health of the cooks. Cooking with charcoal is exposing the cooks with smoke comparable to a chain smoker. The briquettes burn smoke free.

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