We believe in conservation, not only because it protects native plants, birds and animals, but also because it protects us.

After all, you simply can’t be healthy in an unhealthy environment.

By acting now to protect nature and prevent extinction, we can secure a better future for all.

Millions of hectares of habitat in Uganda and Rwanda today have no permanent protection.

Is this the Uganda and Rwanda we want to leave to those that come after us? Without a lasting form of protection, habitat can be degraded or destroyed. Uganda has lost 75% of its national parks and game reserves and nearly 50% of all forests in the last 200 years, and our high rate of species extinctions is the result. When habitats aren’t managed for conservation, invasive weeds and feral animals can cause huge problems. Many of our native species are found nowhere else on earth, so if we lose them, the world loses them forever.

But permanent protection means habitats and species can survive and thrive, creating a healthier tomorrow – especially for our children and grandchildren.

Conservation protects our future

We believe that people are the answer to environmental issues. That’s why our approach focuses on People and Conservation.


A love of nature comes from our experiences. Getting out and enjoying a National Park teaches you so much about the beauty, dignity, value and importance of the environment. That’s why we’re all about parks for people. We support projects to improve visitor experiences and understanding within National Parks.

Learning about what you see outside encourages you to care and to practice more positive environmental behaviors. That’s why we believe in environmental education 

With people at the heart of our approach, we support Ugandan and Rwandan conservation.


To conserve nature, we must preserve the land and water of our country – the lifeblood of environmental balance. Species—including our own—cannot survive without a healthy habitat. That’s why we add land to Uganda and Rwanda’s National Parks for permanent protection. We’re not about locking nature up. We’re about protecting it in the most secure way possible, while also making it available for you to access and enjoy.

Habitats—ecosystems—simply do not work without species.  Geographic isolation for many millions of years led to the evolution of exceptional plants and animals, many of which are unique  world over. Our species must be protected for a healthy environment to function.

The human interaction with the landscape tells us the stories of where we have been, who we have been, and how we can choose to go forward. That’s why preserving and sharing the stories of our rich Indigenous heritage is an important part of what we do.

How do we tackle Uganda’s and Rwanda’s environmental crisis?

We work with local people and governments to gain permanent protection for habitats. We grow Uganda and Rwanda’s National Parks system.

We work with partners including scientists, indigenous and community groups, and individuals to conserve Uganda and Rwanda’s unique habitats, species, and cultural heritage.

Every project we fund delivers tangible outcomes for conservation.

Source: https://childrenconservationists.org/why-conservation/

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