First 100 Entrepreneurs in Uganda supported with Yimuka loan

First 100 Entrepreneurs in Uganda supported with Yimuka loans!

We are very thankful for our partnerships with Ugandan organizations. Klaus Maak emphasizes: “These partnerships are the foundation of the first 100 entrepreneurs in Uganda receiving a Yimuka loan to start or grow their business.”

We have found Yimuka to lift people up, to encourage and support their personal growth and income generation. Daniel Walk adds “While not everything has worked out as we had hoped, the vast majority of our entrepreneurs are successfully growing their business and income. This is so encouraging!”

One outstanding example is Rachael mentored and supported by Cyrus Mukwana, CEO and Founder of Refugees Global.

Before Rachael took our loan, she was running a very small grocery. She could hardly pay her rent or pay school fees for her children. With our loan, Rachael grew her business to a general merchandise grocery dealing in clothes, cosmetics, and food items. In about 8 months, the monthly income from her business has grown by factor 3. Her additional monthly income is double of the Yimuka loan she took. She’s now a proud businesswoman and mum.

Congratulations Rachael! Very well done!

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