Hold My Hand Project Kickoff Celebration

The covid surge that lasted almost two years brought an entire economy to a standstill, making it even much more difficult for special groups to barely put to table a meal, let alone afford basic needs for their family members.
A community of Ghetto young people who call themselves the 7Hills decided to beat all odds, refusing to lower themselves to the pressures of demands that would otherwise subject them to illegal and criminal activities. They decided to volunteer in cleaning Kampala Capital city in all the five divisions through this avenue they show cased their abilities, potential and willingness to give back to
their immediate communities.
Hope Through community Initiatives (HCI) identified this community profiled them into different activity groups for skilling and training in projects intended to improve their household incomes and as such restore their dignity. 
HCI and YIMUKA launched the Hold My Hand Project to support the first cohort of the 7Hills community in Kawempe Division producing several lines of soap products. The launch was graced by the Deputy Resident City Commissioner of Kampala, YIMUKA attended online, the DISO, the Local councils 2 and I, women representatives, all the chairpersons of the 7 Hills five divisions.
The members after cleaning the streets of Kampala embark on liquid soap production which has been facilitated by a very low interest rate start up loan by YIMUKA and the training, skilling, monitoring and evaluation of the project is facilitated by HCI.
We believe in restoring human dignity through simple and sustainable approaches. Together we can achieve the creation of 1.000 jobs in 1.000 days!

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