YIMUKA founders met Dr. Karamba Diaby, Member of the German Bundestag

Dr. Karamba Diaby, Member of the German Bundestag, and Martin Habersaat, Member of the Landtag Schleswig-Holstein, discussed on the 5th of May with the YIMUKA-founders Daniel Walk and Klaus Maak some of our challenges caused by different living standards in the world. All agreed that the topics climate-change, poverty or health cannot be solved by a single country but require a global approach.


Klaus Maak explained the YIMUKA strategy, which empowers entrepreneurs in Uganda to develop their business: “Since our start, we have built more than 10 partnerships with local organizations and had about 50 entrepreneurs joining our program, which includes financing and business coaching. It inspires me, which momentum has been built up and how clearly it affects people´s life, their communities, and their environment.” 

Dr. Karamba Diaby, who is part of the Committee on Economic Cooperation and Development, welcomed the Yimuka approach, shared valuable insights and support options of the German government. At the end he received one glass of Ugandan honey, which is part of YIMUKA´s export program. It became clear to all participants, that combining governmental and non-governmental initiatives lead to a better outcome. 

Did you know, YIMUKA´s business mission is creating 1.000 jobs and saving 10.000 trees in Uganda until end of 2024. 

Learn more about YIMUKA on https://yimuka.com.

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