Kigandolo Women Association

A group of women, originally formed by a group of widows to support their families and ensure that all their children receive a good education, has now expanded to include other members of society. It is engaged in the refining of peanuts and sims for home consumption and commercial purposes. It has established a network of retailers and internal traders to market the different varieties of prepared and semi-cooked meals. Through these activities, children can attend school without fear of running out of money for school fees. The initiative ensures a steady supply of high-quality peanut butter at very affordable prices.

Peanut butter is a daily delicacy in Uganda. The main focus must be on ensuring high quality standards.

The Yimuka loan will enable the group to significantly expand its peanut production and invest in a modern machine for grinding the peanuts.

Location: Nabuyaggi

Partner: Refugees Global

Start date: May 15th, 2022

Job potential: 5

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