Fuba Okole Nabuyaggi Women Group

This women’s livelihood group was started by the Buwaiswa community chairman to support and empower women and their families in his community. Refugees Global has since supported the group with a nut mill and start-up funding. Since then, the group has been engaged in adding value to ground nuts and sims for its own consumption and for commercial purposes. It has established a network of retailers and internal distributors to market the different varieties of prepared and semi-cooked foods. The group’s savings have improved abruptly, as has individual income. 

Peanut butter is a daily delicacy in Uganda. The main focus must be on ensuring high quality standards.

The Yimuka loan will enable the group to significantly expand its peanut production and invest in a modern machine for grinding the peanuts.

Location: Nabuyaggi

Partner: Refugees Global

Start date: May 15th, 2022

Job potential: 5

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