Kamwokya Christian Caring Community (KCCC) is a faith based Non Government Organization established in 1987 by members of Small Basic Christian Communities (SBCCs) with the support of Sr. Dr. Miriam Duggan, to mitigate the negative health, economic, and social impact of HIV/AIDS, TB and poverty in Kamwokya, Kampala district. 


A country where the poor and vulnerable enjoy a good quality of life


The mission of KCCC is to Mitigate the impact of HIV/AIDS and poverty on the poor and vulnerable by increasing access to basic services, and building the capacities of individuals, families, and communities to address their health and social development needs

Core Values; KCCC is dedicated to Love, care, share and serve the indigent people


  • To increase access to income generating opportunities and strengthen the economic development for communities in slum and low-resource areas of Kampala district, particularly women, and families affected by AIDS.
  • To provide, promote and support basic education, vocational skills training and functional adult literacy opportunities for the indigent and orphaned children, school drop -outs and the girl child through the Sr. Miriam Duggan Primary School informal school, vocational training centre and the school fees sponsorships.
  • To provide primary health care services, counselling, bereavement care, and support to persons infected with and affected by HIV/AIDS and the general community.
  • To prevent children in slum and low-resourced areas from going to the streets and rehabilitate those already exposed to street life to lead normal lives.
  • To address the mental health needs and concerns of persons living with HIV/AIDS and other vulnerable and disadvantaged groups in slum and low-resourced areas of Kampala District.
  • To gather, document and disseminate information and experiences about factors that shape opportunities and constraints for indigent and orphaned children, women and girls, youth, street children, mentally ill persons and their families, the elderly, the disabled, persons living with HIV/AIDS and affected households and the general community in Kamwokya II Parish and Kampala district.
  • To plan, implement, monitor and evaluate youth development & sexual and reproductive health activities, personal development skills workshops, entrepreneurial skills development, career guidance, peer support clubs formation and behaviour change workshops for young people 10-25 years so as to prevent HIV infection and poverty.
  • To advocate for adequate health and social services, and against Mental health and HIV/AIDS- related stigma and discrimination, human rights abuse and neglect of the vulnerable and disadvantaged, particularly the protection and respect of the rights of children and women in slum and low-resource areas of Kampala District.

What we do

KCCC implements an integrated and holistic community development and HIV/ AIDS program that provide the services below; however, this has been done by employing a multi-sectoral approach that seeks to mobilise the community for holistic social service provision, builds on community strength, and looks at the root causes of economic, social and health problems and utilises the community strength to overcome these problems.

  • Economic Empowerment for Vulnerable youths, women and girls
  • Poverty Alleviation among indigent communities through skills and job creation and entrepreneurship  
  • HIV/AIDS Care and Support
  • TB Treatment and management
  • Maternal and Child Health Care (MCHC)
  • Diabetes management
  • Community Mental Health
  • Cervical Cancer management
  • Immunization for children aged 0-5 years
  • Counselling/pastoral care

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