Brief History of LAJOFA

Lango Joint farmers Cooperative Society (LOJOFA), is the leading cooperative society in Lango sub region the society was formed in 2015 and got registered in 2016 with a sole aim of improving Household income through Agri-business enterprises by building their capacity and linking the farmers to outside markets. The cooperative focuses on: Production skills empowerment, improved seeds distribution to farmers, Marketing and marketing information provision and Advocacy and lobbying on safe business practices and have empowered over 7,000 youth, (both directly and indirectly women and other community members on agribusiness services, fostered formation of over 6 cooperatives, organized over 5 trade shows with partners and held over 5 advocacy meetings to end counterfeit products in the market.  The society have 3000 members with 98% of them are farmers, the society have operational, managerial and technical capacity to empower farmers in agribusiness. The society works with five partners.

Mission, Vision and Values

  • Our Vision
    A community with increased Household incomes and food insecurity.
  • Our Mission Statement
    A vibrant Customer-focused and market driven services that fosters increased household incomes and food security.
  • Values
    LAJOFA is based on the values of self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, equality, equity and solidarity as a multi-purpose type of cooperative society.

Main Goal

To improve farmers agribusiness skills for self-reliance through production and marketing.


  • To empower small scale farmers skills for improved livelihood.
  • To advocate for improved business services and engaging practically in the protection and cleaning up of waters such as lakes, rivers, swamps, wetlands and beaches.
  • To market farmer’s farm outputs and provide market information to farmers.
  • Mitigating climate change and degradation and its effect on the quantity and quality of water in Uganda in particular and in the world in general.
  • Formal and informal education and training of youth, women and other vulnerable group empowerment.

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