TACREM is a Ugandan indigenous Faith Based Organization registered as a company limited by guarantee to provide umbrella and/or consortium responsibility for the spiritual, moral and socio-economic activities of the Revived Christian Faith in Uganda and elsewhere.

Founded in rural Mayuge District of Eastern Uganda by a group of intercessors in 2007 led by Rev. AAmpaire Zephania David; the organization has been mentored by among others: Africa Renewal Ministries (ARMS) of Gaba Kampala; Full Gospel Church of Eastern Uganda at Kigandalo Mayuge; New Life in Christ Ministries International of Bweyogerere Kampala.

TACREM is the very first Indigenous Faith Based Company to construct a Social Business Common Market (TCCP) thru Partnership Approach offering Agribusiness Support; Housing Support; Transportation Support; Education & Health Support; Advocacy & Rehabilitation, among others. They offer you opportunities for Social Entrepreneurships along these businesses in Central, Northern and Eastern Uganda Districts. Come and we join to add value to society in 12 Eastern; 5 Central and 5 Northern Uganda Districts commencing July 2021 for the next 10 years.

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