20 Tons of Plastic Waste Recycled!

Fidena Agri U. Managing Director Denish Ogwang successfully kicks off plastic waste collection business in Lira

Plastic waste everywhere! The frustration about this fact got Denish thinking about a business model to reduce plastic waste and at the same time generate income for his people in Lira and himself as business owner.

It did not take Denish long to come up with a solution.

Supported with our Yimuka loan, Denish started with the setup of 10 collection centers where people can submit plastic waste and receive payments. After reaching the 20 tons target, Denish collected the plastic from the centers and submitted it via truck to the recycling center.

Bottom line, 20 tons less plastic and additional income for all people involved in the collection process. 

Congratulations, Denish! You found a perfect match to the Yimuka sustainability model: Good for people, good for the environment and financially profitable. We are looking forward to your next growth step!

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